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Iyobo Foundation Non Profit OrganizationIyobo Foundation

Non-Profit Dedicated to Help Children

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Iyobo Foundation - Non-Profit Dedicated to Help Children

About Us

Mission Statement

Iyobo Foundation Visits Orosaye Orphanage

    Our mission

is provide our employees with necessary assets, enabling them to provide relief, counseling, and other services to children of violent crimes

throughout the United States and Africa. This includes, educational needs, medical help, shelter,food, shoes, and clothes.

Executive Summary

Iyobo Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized and operated primarily for charitable purposes. Specifically, this organization has been formed to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged and to prevent cruelty to children. Our organization has designed and developed one program in furtherance of our purposes and to help as many children we help
through contributions.

    Our budget

assumes growth base on the sustainable growth rate of about 138% (See page 8). To assure that our goals are achieved we have stress tested our budget and developed a contingency plan of action. We are applying for Federal, State, and City grants that provide money to organizations that bring relief to children throughout Africa and the world.

In the event that these efforts are not rewarded, then we are, as a contingency, pushing for members. Our membership program is one where members, after paying their membership dues are entitled to contribute time or money to a program of choice (totally tax deductible).

For the years 2014, 2015 we expect an increase in administrative cost because we are hiring a program director and a bookkeeper, these two will supervise and account for our program activities. We will also hire a secretary to help in the office (Page 9).

In our best case scenario we are looking to receive the first of many $50,000 federal grants by the end of 2014. This will enable us to provide substantial services to our public. In our worse case scenario will will not receive this grant, and will can not hire the program director and bookkeeper. Should this be the case, our contingency plan will be in effect and we will pursue membership.

Staff & Management

    Katie Salami

is the Executive Director and President, Joy Brown is the Program Director and Secretary. Between the two of them they have more than 35 years of experience working within the criminal justice system and disabled children. Ramn Daiz has 25 years working with handicap children and Fumi Diya is the bookkeeper, with ten years plus experience.  Business Strategy bring educational needs, computers, counseling and shoes to distressed children in United States and Africa.